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Who am I?

Whether you’ve seen me on social media, watched me on tv or read an article online, you’ve probably read my story. I dropped out of UNI when I was 18 to chase a dream of being an independent trader within the financial markets.

I’d worked countless jobs beforehand, slaving away in 9-5’s for minimum wage. I was floating along, oblivious to the fact that I was heading towards a dead end.

I saw a trading ad online which turned out to be the catalyst I needed to pursue a career in trading. I ended up investing my student loan into the stock markets. Fast forward 4 years and here I am.

This is by no means an #AD to quit your studies or invest your student finance. However, it is an #AD open your mind to the multiple opportunities out there and use the strategies you learn within these resources to monetise them.

My Aim

My aim is to provide people with the tools and resources to guide them on not making the same mistakes I did. Think of this as your personal book of trading cheat codes.

Since becoming financially free I’ve become committed to helping others achieve even a fraction of what I have. There’s hundreds of “traders” online that charge hundreds to thousands of pounds for useless resources which they have not personally used themselves to create an income.

By signing up today, you can gain access to my personal trading tips, which I utilise on a personal basis to generate huge amounts of income. You’ll also get market signals (or tips) that can advise you on potentially profitable trading opportunities and my own personal email to contact me for any advice (personal or trading related).

Eli’s Trading
Cheat Codes

Written be myself and the geniuses I work with. These tips will go over the do’s and don’ts and also highlight some of the best strategies that can be used by beginner traders.

Lifetime Signals

For those that want to earn as they are learning. Think of this as “daily tips” that are produced by a professional analysis of the markets. These can be easily followed and used to help generate daily profits.

My Private
Work Email

Whether it’s personal advice, trading tips or a general question.. You can contact me 24/7 and I’ll get back to you personally with my own perspective or feedback.

The exact same resources I used on a day-to-day basis to generate massive monthly returns.

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